Why Did my Commitment Score Drop?

Athlete Support - Rich Houseman -

How often you do your sport and where you go. You get points for the # of days you <rode> in the past 30 days and for the # of days you <rode> in the past 12 months. This part of your Hookit Score will go up & down as you <ride> more or less. There's also bonus points for your travel coverage - which is the rough mileage between the <spot name> you <ride>.

Reasons Your Commitment Can Drop:

  • You have not posted as many sessions in the last 30 days as you did in the previous 30 day period
  • You have not posted as many sessions in the last year as you did in the previous 365 day period
  • For your first 30 days on Hookit, we use how many days you said you <rode> and competed.  After 30 days, we start using the actual sessions and results posted to your account.  If you see a drop 30 days after you signed up… start posting your sessions!
  • You are attending less events this month in comparison to the previous month
  • You have attended less events this this year than you did in the previous 12 month period
  • You edited the number of years that you've been participating and/or competing for
  • You are not traveling and racking up the amount of travel coverage as you were 12 months ago

Please keep in mind that all these factors are weighted differently and the Hookit Score is deigned to fluctuate depending on how active you are in your sport.

How to improve: <Ride> more and make sure you log those sessions to your Hookit account. For full points, post from your phone at the spot (so we can verify you were there). Session outside your local area to grab those bonus Travel points.

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