Why Connect Your Social Accounts?

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Connecting your social accounts has several benefits, such as:

1) Increase Your Hookit Reach Score
The total follower count in your ‘network’ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and how many interactions on your posts are the largest factors affecting your Hookit Reach score.  By connecting your social accounts, we measure how large your audience is in social media and how many interactions you generate.

2) Automatically Post Updates to your Hookit Profile
It’s now easier than ever to post updates to your Hookit profile and/or share your posts to Hookit to other social profiles like Facebook and Twitter:
* Instagram – Once connected, your Instagram photos and videos post directly to your Hookit profile. 
* Facebook – Once connected, you can quickly find Facebook friends to compare your Hookit Score against and/or add them to sessions and events.
* Twitter – Once connected, your tweets are posted to your activity feed on your Hookit profile.

3) Share Your Updates to Other Social Platforms
While making it easier to pull in your posts to other sites, you can also share your ‘athlete’ specific accomplishments or updates, such as changes in your Hookit Score, event finishes, sessions, media coverage or sponsors out to Facebook and Twitter.

4) Have Questions? Check out our FAQs:

How do I connect my accounts? 
Login to your Hookit account and visit https://app.hookit.com/my/account/networks/ and follow the steps.

Instagram / Facebook instructions - Click Here

Do I have to connect my accounts?
No, you aren’t required to connect any of your accounts, but not doing it may affect your Hookit Reach Score and/or your eligibility or the level of deals provided by Brand Support Programs.

How to I create an account if I don’t have one?

* Facebook – signup online or from your phone at www.facebook.com
* Instagram – signup online or from your phone at www.instagram.com
* Twitter – signup online or from your phone at www.twitter.com


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