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When your competitive season rolls around, it's time to freshen up your profile with new photos and videos, update your competition results and start researching brands you would like to represent for the upcoming season.

Support levels and agreements vary by company, but can range anywhere from product discounts to free products and beyond (based on talent and marketability).

Always remember, Athlete Support is a two-way street and brands select athletes to represent them and offer deals comparable to how much exposure you can generate for their company. Just a few of the hundreds of participating brands offering athlete support for 2013 on include Monster Army, Yoshimura, TiLube, FreeGun Underwear, Powersport Grafx, Deft Family, Spy Optic, RockwellDunlop Tires, AXO, Fuel Clothing, Twin Air, Renthal, Matrix Concepts and GoPro.

For a complete list, visit

Take a minute to look at the other tips we've prepared below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Athlete Support Help Guide

1. Get Prepared: Update Your Profile & Resume

  • Update your Profile - Do you have current photos, videos and information?
  • Competition Results - Click on the "Add Event/Result" tab on your Dashboard and add your latest
  • Upload Photos - Upload current photos and organize your galleries to showcase your best shots
  • Upload Videos - Videos are the best way to showcase your talent. Post current videos.
  • Contact Info - Are your address, phone number and contact information up to date?


2. Apply / Re-Apply for Athlete Programs: Search for Programs

Search for Opportunities:
We just recently introduced 'Hookups' as a new item in the top navigation to provide quick access to Athlete Programs on This page allows you to search for specific brands, programs that apply to your sport, and programs that you qualify for. Click on the brand that interests you and apply for their program!

(Insert screen shot of brands page) 

3. Promote Yourself: Updating and Promoting Your Profile through Social Media

Hookit allows you to integrate all of your favorite social media platforms with your Hookit account. Using your Facebook to login, hash tagging #Hookit on your Instagram photos and sharing your deals on Twitter are all ways of driving people to your Hookit profile. 

Hot tip: Keep the same name on all social sites (if possible.) This will make it easier for people to find you. The simpler, the better!



Sell More Product on

Promote Yourself & Your Sponsors

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What Companies Want

Learn straight from the companies what they want and expect from you.
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