Verified Results

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Results are verified when they come from a verified event

Verified events are distinguished by the green checkmark next to the event


Verified Results are:

  • Marked by a green check mark on your profile
  • Provided by event promoters and organizers and automatically verified by Hookit, and matched to your profile
  • Higher value points toward your Hookit Score than those results not verified
  • Added towards the “Performance” area of your score
  • Additional help to your Travel Coverage 

Unverified Results are:

  • Credited to your score at a lower value than verified results
  • Results added to an event created by yourself or another user on the site

Additional Results that don’t belong to you, please:

  • Email -
  • Make sure to list them out for us to remove, we don't want to remove anything that should be on there

To get new events and results verified:

  • Have promoter or event manager email -

Update to Premium

  • Some of your results may be eligible for verification, upgrade to premium
  • To update to premium head over to the link below to learn more!!


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