How Do I Remove My Content?

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You can remove anything you have posted to Hookit quickly and easily.  Most of this content can be edited on your profile.  Remember, if you have multiple sports set up, you will have to do this individually for each sport.

Photos & Videos
Go to Profile > Photos & Videos, roll over the photo or video you would like to remove and click on the "X" icon


Go to your profile scroll down and click on "Activity".  Scroll through to find the update you would like to remove, roll your mouse over that post and click on the "X" icon.


Go to Profile > Sessions, find the session you would like to remove and click on the "X" icon.


Go to Profile > Events, find the result you would like to delete, click "edit" and click "Delete all results"

To have verified results removed please contact the help desk listing all results on your profile that are not yours.


Events You Attended
Go to your profile, click on the event you want to remove, then click "No, I didn't go" Events.jpg

In order to remove your content via the mobile app or website:

Photos & Videos

Go to Profile, scroll down to your photos & videos, tap on the photo or video you would like to remove, then tap on the "X" icon


Please note that this may not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the content or information you posted on Hookit.

If you would like to deactivate your Hookit account and remove all content, please read:

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