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Travel coverage is a measurement of the distance between the spots that you session or compete at in the order that you sessioned or competed.  It is important that this information is verified, so in order to get credit, your session and result must be verified AND it must be a verified spot.

Travel coverage is meant to be a rough estimate of how much you travel to participate in your sport and is not an exact measurement of the miles you've driven between your house and the spot or exact mileage you've racked up.


1. Verified Results - Results uploaded by promotors will be automatically factored into your travel coverage using the location of the event. Read more on verified results here!

2. Verified Sessions- When you post a session using a mobile device, with location services enabled, it will automatically be verified and that session will be factored into your coverage using that spots location.

 Tip: If the events you attend are not currently verified on Hookit, a good way to increase your coverage is by posting sessions from your mobile phone while you ride. We will use your phones GPS to verify the session and award you extra points! 

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