What causes my Hookit Score to change?

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Here you can find out some of the reasons that may cause changes to your Hookit Score. You can also find some tips on how to improve your score. 
How Your Hookit Score is Updated
Your Hookit Score changes based on your commitment, performance and reach in your sport.  For more on how each is tracked and how you can improve, read on...
How often you do your sport and where you go. You get points for the # of days you <rode> in the past 30 days and for the # of days you <rode> in the past 12 months.  This part of your Hookit Score will go up & down as you <ride> more or less.  There's also bonus points for your travel coverage - which is the rough mileage between the <spot name> you <ride>.
How to improve:  <Ride> more and make sure you log those sessions to your Hookit account.  For full points, post from your phone at the spot (so we can verify you were there). Session outside your local area to grab those bonus Travel points.
Your results from events over the past 12 months.  You get points based on how big and competitive the event is, the class/division you competed in and what place you finished.  
How to improve: Compete more often at the best events and make sure your results are posted to your Hookit account.  For full points, results must be verified by the promoter.
Note: a green check mark next to your event result means it was Auto verified and uploaded. If you don't see an event you attended on the site posted as verified don't worry, we are constantly working to help new promoters get their results on the site.  Tell your promoter to contact us at events@hookit.com!
Total audience, interactions and influence in social media.  You get points for how many followers you have, but more importantly how many likes, comments and shares you get on the stuff you're posting to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.  We look mostly at the last 30 days, so keep your social going to get full points.
How to improve: First off, make sure your accounts are connected and up to date.  Second, post interesting content that get's people to interact, like & comment. Use #'s to get your content in front of more people and grow your followers.
New Hookit Members:
For your first 30 days on Hookit, we use how many days you said you <rode> and competed.  After 30 days, we start using the actual sessions and results posted to your account.  If you see a drop 30 days after you signed up… start posting your sessions!
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