How to change my profile picture/ cover photo

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How to change my profile picture

If you would like to change your profile picture to a photo that has not been uploaded to your profile:

From a computer- Simply go to your profile and click “Change Profile Photo” link on top of your profile picture then follow directions given.

From your phone-  Using the Hookit app just go to your profile and tap on your profile picture. You will then be prompted with the different options you have to upload a photo.


How to change my cover picture

Currently you can only upload cover photos using a computer.

To upload a photo as a cover pic follow these steps:

1. Log on and go to your profile

2. Hover your mouse over the cover photo until you are presented with the options of:

  • Change Cover

  • Add Photos

  • Add Video

3. Select “Change Cover” and follow the onscreen instructions.

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