How do I create a profile that stands out?

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Whether you’re an athlete looking for Athlete Support, an enthusiast looking to network with other members, or a brand looking to market your products, your profile can make all the difference between a quick glance and a lasting relationship. So to help you make the best impression, here are a few tips on how to best use the tools provided to make your profile really stand out.

THE HEADSHOT / COVERSHOT – This is the first representation most people will see of you. Make sure your profile picture reflects your personality and shows your face or company logo clearly. People want to see you here, so even if it’s you in your competition gear, take a shot with your helmet off and smile. 


KEEP THINGS CLEAN! –This means both your layout and the content. If your page is filled with too much junk and cluttered up, people won’t be able to find the information they need and will leave. If you have profanity or inappropriate images, people will leave. The real balance here is showing who you are and what you’re all about, without putting too much out there. Ask a friend to take a look at the page and give you their honest opinion. 

 – That being said, don’t forget to show off what makes you unique. There are a lot of profiles on the site, what makes yours different? You! Be sure to let your personality and interests shine through. 

PICTURES ARE GREAT – They are the fastest way to show off your skills and leave lasting impressions. If you’re a company, pictures add another dimension to your presence on by giving your products and services life. To add a photo to your home page, click the “add content” button and then select “single photo.” Then you can select the photo you want to show up. 

ADD VIDEO OF YOURSELF – This is another really fast and effective way to show off what you’re all about.  To add a video you’ve uploaded to your account already, click the “add content” button and select “single video.” Select your best video, and make sure it looks professional, because these things do matter. 

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