How do I send a Broadcast?

Hookit Support - Joe Taberna -

Broadcast: An email, message, or both; that can be sent directly to select athletes, regarding new deals, sponsorship programs, and events.


  • Communicate with athletes.
  • Leads to higher sales conversion
  • More participants at events
  • Increase applicants to your athlete program
  • Hookit suggests sending a broadcast at least twice a month or up to once a week.

How to Send a Broadcast:

  • Log on to Dashboard.
  • Click on the grey “Program Tools” bar
  • Adjust the drop down menu to target your audience
  • Click send then enter title (subject) for your broadcast
  • Upload a banner (image).
  • Add your brand link to banner
  • Enter additional text for further directions to athletes. Press SEND

Hot Tips:

  • Hookit suggests adding hyperlink and coding to message body as well
  • Make sure Subject line has a captivating title
  • Broadcasts should contain a call to action.
  • Usually sending to active and inactive hits all of the insiders in the programs
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